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Initially, like any family would have, I too had problems to pursue in music. It was my mother-in-law, Radha Viswanathan, who insisted that I pursue my musical career in all earnestness. However, at the same time, I would ensure that i do full justice to household obligations before I sit for flute practice sessions. Slowly and steadily, I started getting more and more concerts, toured abroad and by god’s grace won awards and accolades. In this context, the VVV ensemble was of immense help in improving my repertoire and boosting my level of self confidence.

My very first trip abroad was to Mauritius in 1997 which was suggested by the late Smt. Anandhi Ramachandran after which i have been regularly touring different parts in the globe. I am deeply grateful to her for her kind gesture.  M.S.amma’s practice sessions with my Mother-in-law taught me many intricate nuances in music. Late Shri Calcutta Krishnamurthy, vocalist and musicologist, late Shri T. Viswanathan, reputed flautist, (both were my neighbors) and late Smt. Sulochana Pattabhiraman were instrumental in imparting sound musical knowledge to me. All these above personalities have contributed to what I am today for which I am immensely grateful to them.

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